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When I get my train there’s no potentials although, each time the Tube doors open, it’s nerve-wracking and a bit like when the screen goes back on Blind Date. Paddington to Notting Hill Gate – Circle Line At Notting Hill Gate there’s a guy so cute I consider falling down the stairs to get his attention. I ask what he thinks of the paper and we chat, then he blocks me by taking out his phone.

When I say bye he replies ‘take care of yourself, yeah?

But what if the love of your life isn’t on Tinder or Facebook, but opposite you on the Circle line?

About 1.3billion people use the Tube every year – more than half a billion potential love interests.

Perfect – I love the theatre, so we’ve got tons to talk about.

Our chat goes so well, even though I’d planned to get off at Victoria I stay on a few more stops.

It’s more varied than a pub, cheaper than a night out and less forced than a singles event.

Leicester Square to Embankment – Northern Line The other passengers are women. Embankment to High Street Kensignton – Circle Line A cute ginger guy reading Tolstoy gets on.

I’ve given myself one rule – to only chat up men I would date. This works well because I have to smile for the pictures and, as he asks if they’re ok, I hear he has an accent.

I ask where he’s from and we discuss Sicily before his Tube arrives. Notting Hill Gate to Bond Street – Central Line After catching his eye and smiling, I talk to an attractive guy reading Metro.

When I’m in a good mood I’ll sometimes chat to people on the train but never the Tube.

As I wait on the platform at Paddington I get butterflies.

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