C2c young need old chat

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C2c young need old chat

Neither have a railway station, however local bus routes connect both with railway stations.Buses run from Shap to Penrith, and from Richmond to Darlington, both of which are served by mainline services.The Coast to Coast could be walked all year round, however navigation and conditions can be difficult in poor conditions.As such, it is best walked in the period of May to October.If you’ve done some hill walking, especially in Scotland or the Lake District, you should be fine. The Mountain Rescue teams along its route can regale you with plenty of tales of tales of those that do.To do it successfully you will need to be fit, have good walking boots and be very competent with a map and compass.There are a couple of different possible itineraries and I have listed three: 12 days, 14 days and 15 days. The 12 day version includes some very long distances and is recommended only for fit and experienced walkers.

There’s fells, moorland, fields and mining history.” Or maybe you’ve just picked up the book and decided to have a go. And if the weather is bad, well it can be very difficult indeed.Whichever way you’ve come to the Coast to Coast doesn’t matter. And I’m saying that as an experienced walker who has been up to his knees in bog on the Pennine Way.Where there are no shops, pubs and B&Bs will be able to provide packed lunches.Locations with a railway station are marked with a If you haven’t got time to do it all in one go, you can break the Coast to Coast up in a few ways.

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The hostels on or near the route are: Many people who walk the Coast to Coast do so with a tent and the trail is very well served for campers.

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