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When she has her mood swings he just stays quite or consoles her, depending what the situation is.

But to realize that his lover is not just a woman who craves to be protected by him but is also one to wander when she feels the need to spread her wings and fly is not too easily digested by him and this can create some small problems.

He does have mood swings but Gemini woman forgets whatever he was venting about two minutes later.The relationship of Cancer man and Gemini woman has some nasty faults to be taken care of.Gemini woman shall try to persuade her Cancer man into pretty much anything she is interested in, especially when it comes to travel.She wants to travel her Cancer man’s world, as it is a Gemini trait but so does the Cancer man, as he wants to see the world with his Gemini woman and they both want to share their experiences with each other.She tends to show her love through gifts and small items that are admired by her Cancer man but sometimes makes him upset due to such insane extravagance.

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As the sensitive Cancer man and sparkling Gemini woman conquer the problems in their relationship, they become more compassionate and devoted to each other.

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