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Perceiving that some of the government forces were struggling in the wet ground before their position the Covenanter force launched an attack which made rapid progress.

Claverhouse and his troopers had to beat a very hasty retreat from the Battle of Drumclog, leaving 36 of their number dead on the field.

It is claimed that he was present at the Battle of Seneffe that year, and that he rescued the young Prince when his horse fell on marshy ground although Charles S.

Terry doubts that this occurred at Seneffe, if at all.

John Graham was born of a junior branch of the family that had acquired the estate of Claverhouse near Dundee.

He was the elder son of Sir William Graham and Lady Madeline Carnegie, 5th daughter of the Earl of Northesk. Both John and David were educated at the University of St Andrews, graduating in 1661.

In December 1678, the regular clergy complained when Graham told them he had no orders to apprehend anyone for past misdemeanors.

On 1 June 1679 he stumbled upon a field conventicle, "little to our advantage; for, when we came in sight of them, we found them drawn up in batell, upon a most advantagious ground, to which there was no coming but through mosses and lakes. They consisted of four battalions of foot, and all well armed with fusils and pitchforks, and three squadrons of horse." Due to the difficult terrain Claverhouse's dragoons were initially unable to advance on the Covenanters, and some ineffectual volleys of fire were exchanged.

He later wrote to the Earl of Linlithgow that the Covenanters: "resolved a generall engadgment, and imediately advanced with there foot, the horse folowing: they came throght the lotche ...Contemporary evidence for the fairness of this soubriquet in the Covenanting tradition is mixed.Tales of the Covenanters and Covenanter monuments hold Claverhouse directly responsible for the deaths of adherents of that movement.If Csaba Laszlo is the man to save Dundee United then he showed up just in time to witness their latest nadir as the reigning Irn-Bru Cup champions threw away a second half lead to part-time Northern Irish side Crusaders.Pedro Caixinha cost Rangers a fortune over the Barrie Mc Kay deal, three Ladbrokes Premiership stars will make their Scotland debuts, and Tony Cascarino has called the Scottish top flight the weakest in Europe.

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