Dating military man long distance

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Dating military man long distance

It is only fair to both you and your military partner that each of you know where the other one stands.

You need to determine what life together will be like once he returns. Hurt feelings and broken hearts stem from deception and unaligned expectations.This also allows the civilian girlfriend to really evaluate whether or not she wants to commit herself to the military lifestyle.You may even decide to casually keep in touch and potentially re-evaluate the status of the relationship upon the military member’s return. You should mutually agree how often you will communicate, and which modes of contact you will employ.He lives 2 hours away and comes visit me every weekend. I didn't want to do that cause we're not married plus I'm Asian.This was my first boyfriend so for sure I want to make it work and do long distance. I asked him to wait for me 3 years after I'm done school and will find a job there and have my own place.

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When you are dating a sailor, soldier, Marine, airman or Coastie you know your military man (or woman! But do you know that this is a perilous time in your relationship too? You may receive a promotion and/ or an opportunity to relocate for work.

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