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A good place to meet them would be at business conferences, conventions and promotional dos associated with the auto industry.

Here you can mingle with guests and organizers and if lucky get yourself a successful single rich man to get your social life zooming through the fast lane.

All the various sectors of the high-tech industry imply a large section of highly-skilled professionals in science, computers and technology.

Thus engineers, researchers, scientists as well as computer programmers are in adequate supply in the country and are sure to be among the most highly-paid professionals.

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The Digital Media City in Seoul and New Songdo nearby Incheon are some of the other places where you are sure to run into high-tech professionals and if lucky, find an eligible single rich man among them.So if you come across a single man discussing the finer points of robotic locomotion, don’t discount him as a geek; on the contrary he could be taking home a six-figure pay packet and may someday be a millionaire many times over.Among the places where you could come across high-tech professionals are robot-themed parks in Incheon and Masan or the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.However be sure to hone your computer and internet gaming skills as South Koreans are extremely fond of digital and online gaming. The finance men Being one of the most developed economies in Asia and globally too, South Korea has a dynamic finance sector too.Its largest cities like the national capital Seoul, Busan and Incheon have a large network of financial institutions.

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Thus bankers, investment consultants, hedge fund managers, insurers and financiers make up one of the best-paid professional segments of the South Korean economy.

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