English dating site denmark

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English dating site denmark

Its UNESCO-listed Gothic cathedral, now housing 39 tombs of the Danish monarchs, was completed in 1275, becoming a focus of religious influence until the Reformation.

With the development of the rail network in the 19th century, Roskilde became an important hub for traffic with Copenhagen, and by the end of the century, there were tobacco factories, iron foundries and machine shops.

From the 11th century until 1443, it was the capital of Denmark.

According to Adam of Bremen and the Saxo Grammaticus, Roskilde was founded in the 980s by Harald Bluetooth.

The Risø research facility is also becoming a major employer, extending interest in sustainable energy to the clean technology sphere.On high ground above the harbour, he built a wooden church consecrated to the Holy Trinity as well as a royal residence nearby.Although no traces of these buildings have been discovered, in 1997 archaeologists found the remains of Viking ships in the Isefjord, the oldest of which is dated to 1030.It is now increasingly active in the research sphere.The Sankt Hans psychiatric hospital serves the Capital Region with specialized facilities for forensic psychiatry.

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Roskilde is governed by the administrative council of Roskilde Municipality.