Ghanaian internet dating scams

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Ghanaian internet dating scams

The security services, in collaboration with the financial institutions, are doing their best to stop the practice. government said in a report that the country lost 8.4 million to Internet fraud, averaging a loss of ,100 per incident.

However, it seems the fraudsters are always making their way out, as the numbers keep increasing. The UK also claimed that same year, that these scams cost its economy £150 million per year, with the average victim losing £31,000.

The documents can be from official letterheads of the Ghana police, immigration and Foreign Affairs Ministry, but are all fake documents meant to rob you.

Previously, the criminals used to send cheap emails, outlining a story such as, someone has died in a plane crash and has left millions of dollars, or that the son of a deceased African dictator, with hidden millions, is willing to transfer the money into a foreigner’s bank account for a share.

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Scammers try out various illegal actions in targeting the potential victims making them initially build trust that probably will end up in claiming huge sum from those victims.

The criminals invite the company to send a representative to Ghana to sign the formal contract.

You just need to keep vigilant to avoid these scams.

An official of the company narrated this story to Ghana’s law enforcement agencies some time ago. Is a Ghanaian man) who is spending time in Ghana, meets an American or European man on the internet, especially on dating sites, and they become lovers.

The lady says she is helping children in an orphanage in Ghana and sends the victim beautiful pictures (all fake), showing interest to visit him in the U. or Europe and starts demanding money for a plane ticket and to secure a visa.

Ghana used to be a country with high moral standards, but local social commentators say the influx of Nigerians in the country in recent times, are the cause of all these criminal activities on the internet.

The internet fraud is worse in Nigeria, and many foreigners have come to know this, so they (Nigerians) are moving across other West African countries in order to continue to carry out these wicked crimes.

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The woman then tells the victim that she was bringing some gold with her and had been arrested for not paying tax on it.

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