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Mormon speed dating

We travel together, go on hikes, take classes together, go to concerts, fellowship our neighbors, attend the temple frequently, and so much more. After 20 years of trying everything else, The LDS Matchmaker sure worked for me! We met at one of The LDS Matchmaker well planned events.The event was like having three dates in one night over three courses of dinner. I felt bad because that was the shortest course of the evening and we had a great time.Instead of one question on each table leave a whole list so they can pick and choose.

He was very clear and direct in telling me that if things didn’t work out he’d love to try again with me. The second time around I spent the time to get to know him and realized what a true gem he was!

He asked for my number that night and we started seeing each other after that.

Shortly after we started dating I noticed that his dating techniques were familiar and I could tell he had spent time learning skills from The LDS Matchmaker’s dating coaches.

SET UP Set up in one of the longer rooms in your building.

Place the small classroom tables to make a booth-like set up.

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It was emotionally draining to be contacted by so many people and having to ignore most of them. One night I was talking to a woman online who said she was having a similar experience.