No money no credit sex chat in cyprus

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No money no credit sex chat in cyprus

He is surrounded by armed guards for fear of kidnap but still runs a huge business empire from his Lapta base.

Kenneth Noye also fled to the island after stabbing a man to death in a road rage attack on the M25 in 1996, but later moved to Spain from where he was extradited and jailed for life.

Arif - who was jailed for seven years in 1990 for conspiring to supply £8million worth of cannabis - has minders who are constantly armed.

A mile away is the imposing villa of Asil Nadir, the Polly Peck tycoon who fled Britain in 1993 facing 66 fraud and theft charges totalling £30 million.

All British citizens hoping to buy homes in Northern Cyprus are now vetted for criminal records.

Julia Price, British Residents' Association chairman in Northern Cyprus, said: 'This is a beautiful place and the last thing it needs is a reputation as a safe haven for criminals.

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