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Martinez--Santa has buffed up the Guv's resume and by the end of '18 he hopes to land her a good paying slot in the private sector.

We relied on news reports from 2011 in blogging about the background check. Apodaca's campaign called the allegation absolutely false and an attempt to divert attention from claims that Lujan Grisham discriminated against a transgender intern.Nor is it true that there were 37 cuts; there were 36. The one bill amounting to something was HB 523 in 2011 extending the exemption of locomotive fuel from gross receipts tax.In response Union Pacific promptly built its multimodal facility near Santa Teresa.After two terms of a brutal Martinez administration, I could finally feel the winds of change coming to NM's government.While Grishom and Apodaca battle over sex related issues, New Mexicans would rather hear how these candidates, if elected, would approach the serious problems we face day to day.

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Reader Alan Wagman checks in with an interesting Schmitt angle: It is fitting that Harrison Schmitt became an astronaut, because he was born in space. Git is a term of insult with origins in British English denoting an unpleasant, silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile, elderly or childish person. Insurance agent Laurie Martinez said she attended the whiffle ball event and disputed Anaya's account. "I was there and I've never seen Jeff act in an inappropriate way," she said.

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