Speed dating bradford west yorkshire

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Speed dating bradford west yorkshire

However, they were met with sterner opposition this time and a pitched battle ensued in which, it is said, one man was killed, one crippled for life and several others had scars as mementoes.It was only terminated when the wives and other women folk intervened.The new Maypole, complete with weathercock on top was duly erected. people living in the vicinity of the Waggon and Horses public house helped in the organising of the May Celebrations and they were represented on the Maypole Committee.

This made them resort to other methods and so, one night, a party of sawed down the Maypole and carried it away, placing it in the yard behind the Wagon and Horses. Shortly after taking the Maypole, and it is believed, with the motive of adding insult to injury, the 'Streetsiders' made another nocturnal expedition with the object of digging out and taking away the stump of the pole that they had previously sawed down.

There was still a good selection of shops in the village during the 1960s and 1970s, with a busy Co-op store, a post office and general store. It is as if the heart has been taken out of the village, largely caused by the modern trend to shop in out-of-town supermarkets.

Much of the community spirit in the village has disappeared with the closure of all the local shops.

Entering, we partook of a capital cup of bohea (a black Chinese tea); there was a full attendance and huge piles of tea cake and other comestibles provided, which were partaken of by about two hundred persons at different sittings down.

After tea, the procession arrived from Ossett headed by seven of the Committee on horseback and the South Ossett Band, numbered by about 24 performers.

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Above: Erecting the Maypole in 1953 the hard way, using ropes and muscle power.