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You want to let them know that you’re interested, but remember that you’re also trying to decide whether they’re a potential partner for you.

Asking lots of questions will give you an idea of their personality and interests.

For example, letting your partner get away with staying at the bar with […] Continue reading...The PROFILE CLUB is a professional consultancy that delivers results for singles searching for their perfect partner and those seeking to save or improve their current relationships.The ‘Ace-in-the-Hole’ is our unique Profile Formula.Make sure that you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.Plan when you’ll be leaving the office to get there on time, and clear space in your diary so that you won’t have to answer any calls or respond to any emails during your date.

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During many years spent counselling of hundreds of men and women in search of love or desperately wanting to improve their marriage and relationships, I became aware of a few patterns in the “war of the sexes”.

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  1. Besides the question, “How to ask someone out”, the question, “When is a good time to ask someone out? The answer is simple: Whenever you feel the other person can focus, and not be distracted by school, work, kids, friends or other responsibilities. It once took me two hours to pop the question to one girl.