Uzbek dating customs

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At this time the ceremony is over and guests return their homes.

Khatna kilish Khatna kilish is another ancient Uzbek ceremony that was sanctified by Islam (Sunnat Tuyi).

Invitations to lunch and dinner are always accepted and you are expected to come on time.

When planning a visit it is recommended to take souvenirs or sweets for the host’s kids. Women and people sitting in the background are greeted by putting the right hand on the heart and accompanying this jest with a slight bow of head.

Gifts are prepared for the baby’s parents, grandparents.

Richly decorated beshik, dasturkhans and gifts are loaded on the car everybody together with the guests depart for the parents’ house under sounds of surnay, karnay and tambourine.

In various regions the ceremony has its specific features and depends on the family’s income level: rich families usually celebrate this event on a large scale, while families with low income celebrate it moderately.According to the tradition, the baby’s grandfather takes the delivered beshik onto right shoulder, then he passes it to his son’s right shoulder, who then delivers it to the baby’s mother.In the past faces used to be coated with white flour in order to ensure that all the intentions of the guests were pure and good.Great number of ceremonies follows the family life and associated with birth and upbringing the child, weddings, burials.Ceremonies associated with the birth and upbringing of kids (beshik-tuyi, khatna-kilish), wedding (fatiha-tuy, wedding) are of particular importance.

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