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Frequently in interviews, Molko has stated that the name is loosely a satirical reflection of the 1990s cliche of naming one's band after a drug.

When asked about naming a band, Molko said: It’s a complex question to answer, really.

Brian has said that his paternal grandmother was from Bologna, Italy. Brian’s mother, Melle Farrell/Farrel, is a Scottish Catholic, from Dundee. Brian’s family moved frequently during his childhood, living in Dundee, Liberia, Lebanon, and Belgium, where they eventually settled for a long time. His surname is Sephardic (usually spelled “Molcho”) mother’s name: Melle Farrell/Farrel.

They lived in the village of Longeau there, near the border with Luxembourg, where Brian spent a lot of his childhood. It indicated Irish Catholic ancestry Log in to Reply your Italian family where we’re they from?

Placebo are an alternative rock band formed in London in 1993, and currently consists of Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest.

To date, they have released six studio albums, six EPs and twenty-seven singles.

My grandmother was from Bologna” Brian’s father is likely half Algerian Jewish/half Italian.

Brian Molko has paid tribute to his idol David Bowie in a heartfelt message.

."Dear David, beautiful man and force of nature, you are immortal.

Originally, the two were unable to decide on a drummer.

Molko had some experience playing with Steve Hewitt, making Hewitt the ideal choice for drummer (the two were introduced by Hewitt's ex-girlfriend in 1991 outside of Burger King).

The band have gained some measure of notoriety for the sexualities of its members (Olsdal is gay and Molko is bisexual) as well as for their excessive lifestyles and Molko's androgynous image, which are often referred to in their songs.

In recent years, however, the band has become less sexually charged.

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Placebo was formed by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal in 1993.