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You’re likely to hear a lot about hacking and the South China Sea. The Chinese government argues that it has a historical claim to nearly the entire sea, and has been building up a series of artificial islands to bolster those claims. military officials want to test China’s claims in the South China Sea by sending ships or planes into the disputed areas, but the White House has held off so far, hoping for a diplomatic resolution. It could also just be a coincidence, but that would be odd given how hard everyone’s been trying not to let anything overshadow this trip.This has enraged countries in Southeast Asia, who have their own claims in the area, and alarmed leaders in Washington, who worry that China could impede freedom of navigation in the region and that the islands would give it a strategic advantage should armed conflict break out. has vowed to retaliate for cyberspying by slapping sanctions on Chinese companies and individuals believed to have profited from it, but reached an agreement with Chinese officials to hold off until after the trip so as not to overshadow the event. He’s been called China’s “most authoritarian leader since Mao.” He’s also probably the most individually powerful.Not much, and that has a lot to do with the trip itself. His signature initiative has been a massive anti-corruption purge that has targeted tens of thousands of officials ranging from local functionaries to some of the most powerful people in the country, with sentences ranging from small fines to the death penalty.This may have been partly motivated by legitimate concerns over official corruption, but it has also had the convenient side benefit of sidelining most of Xi’s political rivals.Still, China’s recent moves look a lot less like cheating than a panicked response to an impending slump. has been largely frustrated in its attempts to prevent these attacks or hold China accountable for them.Take your pick: Competition in South China Sea, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, investment, Japan’s new military posture, North Korea, counterterrorism, the Iran nuclear deal, cyberespionage, regular espionage, the new Chinese-founded competitor to the World Bank, intellectual property, energy markets, human rights, Tibet, freedom of religion, immigration, and preventing two different scenarios—catastrophic climate change and nuclear war—that could destroy human civilization as we know it. has accused the Chinese government and military of being involved in a plethora of hacks against American corporate and government interests. China has also been raising eyebrows with its activities in the South China Sea. charges against Chinese individuals for spying, or a move to increase China’s leverage in talks over cyberspying.He has a shockingly decisive open profile, notwithstanding enabling the state media to distribute a day-in-the-life record of his workday.

could soon be replaced – by a new, female generation of “princesslings.” State news agency Xinhua recently released a number of in-depth profiles of high-ranking Communist Party officials to celebrate China’s power transition, and observers have noted that a large number of these officials have female offspring.

And it is widely acknowledged that many have used their connections to gain lavish fortunes.

If this new generation of princesslings does come to hold power in China, it will be something of a change.

Here’s what’s really happening: Most major economies allow the value of their currencies to float based on market forces, but China’s central bank still sets the value of its currency, the yuan, every morning. This drives down the price of Chinese goods, boosting the country’s exports to the detriment of manufacturers elsewhere.

China—which has been pushing for the yuan to be accepted as a global reserve currency like the dollar, euro, pound and a few others—had recently been keeping the yuan mostly stable, but then surprised everyone last month by devaluing it sharply without warning. While the country’s central bank says it will now let the market play a greater role in determining the yuan’s value, as international financial institutions and foreign governments have been demanding, people in Washington were still pretty upset.

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But China’s economic miracle is slowing down as its population ages and its export-led economic model brings diminishing returns.